The Kirkland Art Center presents Darryl Rahn

atm-front-cover-final-versionWhile you are out and about on Shoppers’ Stroll Saturday in the Village of Clinton, please join us at the Kirkland Art Center for a family-friendly performance by local artist, Darryl Rahn, who is currently on tour promoting his newest EP: Waiting For The Clouds.

Darryl Rahn

November 26th

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tickets: $5 / Person
Children under 12: FREE with paying adult
Darryl Rahn has a lot to say. At just 21, he has released 2 LP’s, 2 EP’s, and has toured extensively along the eastern US. Born and raised in Utica, NY, he fell in love with the craft of songwriting after buying The Avett Brothers’ Second Gleam EP on a whim. Ever since, he has been churning out insightful folk tunes and doing everything he can to get them heard. His distinct tenor voice, narrative-rich lyrics, and virtuosic guitar lines have earned him spots on the same bill as national acts such as Guster, Wild Child, and Larry Burnett. Darryl mainly draws his inspiration from the real people he’s gotten to meet on the road, and his ever-wandering imagination while driving alone. He is currently on tour to support his latest EP, Waiting For The Clouds.
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Art Cycle Store Coming to the Kirkland Art Center


The Kirkland Art Center (KAC) announces ART CYCLE, A Creative Reuse Program for artistic endeavors.

Clinton, NY:  The Kirkland Art Center has developed ART CYCLE.  The idea was inspired by the need to recycle and reuse arts and crafts supplies.  Websites like Pinterest have ignited the desire to get in touch with our creative sides.  Rather than pay full price for materials to try a project and determine your long-term interest, ART CYCLE will give access to supplies while supporting your local art center!

The KAC ART CYCLE will be collecting new or lightly used materials for resale.  (Lists of sought after items are posted on the KAC web site www.KACNY.ORG).  In this era of de-cluttering, consider donating your surplus art supplies to the KAC.  The KAC will happily acknowledge the gift for tax purposes.

 “It is our hope that ART CYCLE will first and foremost fill a void in our community for inexpensive art supplies as well as, be a source of income to support KAC Programming” noted KAC Board President Elizabeth Tantillo. 

KAC Art instructor and volunteer Trish Craig is leading the project with a committee of volunteers. Craig stated, “Our plan is to engage with the community and to encourage creative possibilities.  This growing trend of Creative Reuse in urban areas should be a perfect fit for the greater Clinton area which is robust with artists of all levels”.

To donate to the KIRKLAND ART CENTER ART CYCLE, stop by Tuesday through Friday 9AM-4: 30 PM.  There is a cart in the front entrance for donations.  If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, proceed to the office for assistance.  Any questions, please call during office hours for more information.

Watch for announcements of ART CYCLE’s official opening, coming soon.

The KAC has been dedicated to the ARTS since 1961.


Art cycle wish list



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KAC Roadhouse Series Presents Ballroom Thieves on December 10th




$19 KAC Members

$23 Non-Members

Tickets can be purchased HERE, at The Annex in Clinton, or by contacting our office.

*** Listen to their new music here ***

More about the band:

Ballroom Thieves


Life on the road for a burgeoning band is easily glamorized: The joy of playing a show, the wonder of encountering new places and people, the stories that amass. Yet the lifestyle can also be a trying one: The suffocating isolation of a van, the misery of being separated from home and loved ones, the unspoken grievances that stack tensions high. If you’re unprepared, this life can become your downfall. For Boston’s The Ballroom Thieves, it became their sophomore album, Deadeye.

Owing to the success of their harmony-rich 2015 debut, A Wolf in the Doorway, guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters, and drummer Devin Mauch have spent the last two years in a sustained state of touring that took them all across the country and to venerable stages like the Newport Folk Festival. As prepared as the trio was for the sudden lack of a sedentary existence — even packing their Boston apartments into storage units — it wasn’t long before nearly nonstop touring rendered any preparation inadequate.

“I think all three of us underestimated how mentally and physically taxing it would be to uproot our lives completely in an effort to jump after the wild and unlikely dream of becoming a successful band,” explains Earley. As the stability of home faded along the relentless road, fresh anxieties came into focus: depression, financial burdens, illness, the breakdown of relationships. With the luxury of hindsight, things could have been handled better, but instead of addressing their personal issues, they doubled down on the band.

“I think if you give everything to something for long enough, you have nothing left for you,” Peters says, “and then you break down.” Playing through the pain started to warp the band’s dynamic. Darkness took over their days as anger boiled over and burned edges that were already frayed. Resentment built, and the end would have been a very real concept if not for, ironically, the one thing that had caused all the strain in the first place: the road.

“Often the only thing that would bring us back together at the end of a hard day was to step on stage and play our music together,” recalls Mauch. “That’s something we could almost always agree on. We love to play. We need to play.”

That need led the Thieves to begin toying around with new songs, ones written in the midst of all their bitter feelings. What went unspoken between band members was turned into the fiercest and most mature material they’d ever written. “It was as if we were trying to find peace and clarity from putting everything out there in the open,” Mauch says. “It forced us to face those things that were so heavy on the mind, which in itself is healing and therapeutic.”

Then in January of 2016, the band took their first multi-week break from touring in what felt like a lifetime. Even with the downtime, they still had no plan to resolve their dilemmas — they only had a bunch of new songs and some studio time.

Months of pent up energy was transmuted into a heftier, expanded sound. “If you have a rough, heavy time, you might end up with a couple rough, heavy songs,” Peters notes. You can feel the weight of the last few months on the beaten dirge of “For Mercy” and the thick grunge of “Pocket of Gold”, tracks bristling with both regret and resolve. Once nervous to take lead, Peters’ voice sears with confident fire on “Blood Run Red”. Even their love songs are gruffer, as on the bluesy romance of “Anybody Else”. “Noble Rot” kicks like a tethered mule, as if the instruments are expressing every heated thought that had crossed the musicians’ minds.

The doubt that arose as the struggle of the road overwhelmed is conveyed in lyrics like those in “Sea Legs” (“And if risk leads to ruin/ My heart would forgive me”) and “Bees” (“This is not the place that I was born in/ But that doesn’t mean it’s not the place where I belong”). You can even hear Peter’s growth as a songwriter as she tackles the same conflicts in “Trouble” when she sings, “Trouble, you’ve found me again/ I struggle to stay away/ But I fit so nicely in your hand.” These are the songs The Ballroom Thieves needed to write.

“For me, recording this collection of songs in the dead of a New England winter, while maneuvering through the fragile atmosphere we’d created for ourselves, was the perfect way of capturing a mood that bespeaks the bleak content of the songs themselves,” Earley says.

Although they’re not proud of how they’ve grappled with these issues, they’re immensely proud of the music that has come as a result. Rough times have helped them explore the darker corners of their sound — which is why they’ve chosen to forgo the standard label release cycle to put out Deadeye on October 21st by themselves. Sharing it now is exposure therapy, letting their fans pay witness to these hardships and the resulting creative evolution while simultaneously helping the band move on. The struggle is still very real, but these songs are a reminder that for this band, there is but one course, and it is forward — not playing or performing together is not an option. Whatever comes next, these songs are here in 2016 where they belong, and the band is determined to overcome their challenges and continue on.

Deadeye captures the band at a time when they were at their absolute lowest, but it may also prove to be the album that saves The Ballroom Thieves. – Ben Kaye

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2016 Nutcracker Performance



Tickets can be purchased online HERE

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Danika Holmes featuring Jeb Hart


Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart are coming to the Kirkland Art Center for another excellent Coffeehouse performance!

About the duo:

You may have heard Danika on Sirius XM’s Coffee House station or on one of 150 radio stations around the US spinning her tunes.  Or maybe you saw her opening for acts such as Dierks Bentley and Phil Vassar.  Or in theaters, wineries, clubs and living rooms around the US, UK and Europe in one of over 400 shows since 2010 when she decided to pursue music full time.

At age 9 Jeb started playing music; first with the saxophone and then later adding guitar, bass, and drums. Throughout the years he has learned many more. In his college days he spent many hours in the studio writing and recording songs. Jeb has filled in with hundreds of bands including blues, rock, metal, country, and even a 2 1/2 year stint with a big band before deciding to perform full time with Danika Holmes. Jeb stated, “It’s taken a long time to find a band that was worth pulling away from teaching for. I’m excited to see where we go in the next few years.”

In 2010, Danika joined forces with guitarist Jeb Hart, a phenomenal player who’s not afraid of shredding on an acoustic guitar.  Jeb’s clean and sophisticated style of playing along with Danika’s smooth, soulful vocals has created their own unique blend of acoustic pop.  Fans come to Danika shows expecting to hear Jeb Hart on guitar the same way they know they’re going to get Slash at a Guns N’ Roses concert.


$18 – KAC Members

$20 – Non-Members

Purchase your tickets HERE

Online ticket sales close at 12pm November 12th. After this time, tickets must be purchases by phone or in person at the Kirkland Art Center.

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Current List of Vendors:

  • Click on their names to learn more about their products

Weekend Creations

Jakes Bakes (Starting October 27th)

The Wooden Pig

Imagine Creations

Utica Bread

Frugally Found For You

Cats in the Attic

Decorative Edge  (Starting October 27th)

Heidelberg Bread

Colinda’s Sweets N’ Treats

Elements by Jacquelyn

Red Wing Farm

Serena Hanrahan Jewelry (Month of December Only)

Avocado Salsa Dip




If you are interested in reserving a space to sell your goods, please contact our office.

We can reserve your space by the day, or by the season at a discounted rate!

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2016 International Small Works Exhibition


The Kirkland Art Center Gallery presents International Small Works Exhibition


Exhibition Dates:  

November 17th – December 19th

Opening Reception:

November 20th 4:00 – 6:00 pm


Submission Deadlines:

November 1st – 4th, between 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

We have already begun accepting early submissions!


Work must be less than 22” x 30”

Work must have a purchase value less than $250

Artists are able to submit up to 3 pieces

All artwork must be delivered ready to hang


$5 per piece for Members

$10 per piece for Non-Members

Click the link below for submission form and exhibition details:



The Kirkland Art Center, located in the village of Clinton, NY, hosts a minimum of 8 exhibitions annually including group shows, juried shows and a community art project.

Thank you for your participation.

We are looking forward to another great show!

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KAC Live Fall Line-Up



Tickets for the Gibson Brothers can be purchased HERE

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Central New York Watercolor Society 2016 Juried Show

Kirkland Art Center welcomes The Central New York Watercolor Society’s 2016 Juried Show to our Gallery from September 15th – October 31st.

Please stop down for the Opening Reception:

Sunday September 18th 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


cny-watercolor_front cny-watercolor_back


Just a few of the amazing pieces selected this year:

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