Shadow Design Lampshades

Adding cutout cardstock is a fun and easy way to create designs on your lampshades.

The effect is similar to shadow puppets, with the designs you place on the inside creating

negative space outlines of whatever design you choose. 


Picking the Lamp

You’ll want to be sure to use a lamp with a low wattage lightbulb - this will help ensure that the paper inside the lampshade does not become a fire hazard. Furthermore, take precaution and try to use a lamp with a lampshade that is far from the actual bulb. 


Making your Designs

How you choose to decorate your lampshade is completely up to you! If you’re new to paper designs, try and pick shapes that aren’t too complicated, as cutting them out can become finicky. Try using a pair of small scissors, or an X-acto knife if you have it on hand. Here are some ideas of shapes you can try out:

  • Birds

  • Flowers

  • Leaves

  • Geometric shapes 

  • Cats and dogs 

  • Stars & planets 


Placing your Designs

Once your designs are ready, it’s best to use a small amount of heat resistant glue to put your designs in place. You only need a small amount on the edge. 


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