Painted Mirrors

Chesley Knight Bonesell, 1930

Painting mirrors is easy and adds a fun twist to basic boring mirrors. Hand mirrors, small unframed hanging mirrors, or jewelry stand mirrors are all great candidates that you likely already have in your house. All you need besides this are some acrylic paints and brushes which you can easily and inexpensively find at a local craft store.


Add simple flowers and leaves, or create an entire woodland or night sky scene on the border of your mirror. The possibilities are endless and completely up to your own imagination. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Village scene 

  • Clouds

  • Stars and planets 

  • Flowers and leaves

  • Animals 

  • Alphabet for kids mirror 

  • Woodland trees 


If you’re new to painting, you can find a plethora of video tutorials online. Keep in mind that paint can be easily removed, and you can practice on paper until you feel ready!


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