Hammering Paper with Flowers

Flowers and leaves have natural pigment that can be used to create beautiful flower prints. Creating your own flower prints is simple and only involves a few materials. These prints can be hung up, used in multi-media art, or used to make hand-made cards. 



  • Fresh flowers

  • Small hammer

  • Paper towels

  • Sturdy paper


Gather Flowers

The first step is to gather leaves and flowers of your choice. Choose as many as you can, you can experiment with what you find best and most visually appealing. 


Prepare Materials

Next, you’ll need heavy-weighted paper - sketch or watercolor paper works best, but construction paper can be used in a pinch. 

Place the paper on a hard surface, like a slab of wood that you don’t mind damaging, as hammers will be involved. 

Arrange the flowers or leaves in whatever design you please. Try to work in small clusters as we’ll be covering the flowers and you’ll need to keep track of where they are. 

Then, place about 3 layers of paper towels on top of the flowers - while we want to transfer pigment to the paper, hammering the flowers will also break apart the plant matter, which the paper towels should prevent from transferring to the paper surface. 



Begin gently tapping over the paper towels in areas where you’ve placed flowers. Be careful during these first few taps, as this is what will set the leaves and flowers in place. 

After you’re confident that the plants won’t budge from the paper, you can begin using a bit more force. Hammer up and down in the areas where you’ve placed flowers. Do so for about 20 seconds, then check on your progress by lifting up the paper towel - the pigment transferred to the paper towel will mirror the paper. If you’d like more pigment on your design, simply continue to hammer. Petals and flowers will transfer pigment relatively quickly as they are delicate, but sturdier leaves and stems may require more force.


Let Dry

When you’re satisfied with your design, remove the paper towels and gently peel away the leaves and flowers stuck to the paper. Let the pigment dry, and you’re done!



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